Why are Cowboy Boots Sexy? Featured Article

 I’ll Tell You What Makes Cowboy Boots Sexy

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Cowboy boots are an American icon, right up there with BBQ, Baseball, and Marilyn Monroe. But why are they such a turn on for both men and women? Why are cowboy boots so sexy? It’s not only that they are beautifully crafted and made from materials like leather, snakeskin, ostrich, alligator and various others. The biggest reason people find cowboy boots sexy is they bring people in touch with their wild side!

Cowboy boots were obviously worn by cowboys. Cowboys were drifters, gypsies of sorts, they lived in wide open places, they slept under the stars, they traveled with the animals, they drank, they shot, they knew how to have a good time. They were not always rule followers, they were lone wolves! They had the confidence to run with animals almost twice their size. They were the freest of souls; nothing could tie them down (except for maybe a well made lasso).

When most people wear cowboy boots, they embody that spirit; that sense of fun, adventure and thrill seeking. They give the impression that the wearer knows how to have a good time. They just scream confidence. Nothing is sexier than confidence. Am I right ladies and gents? Besides, they just look great! Ladies, ditch your stilettos, and Gents, toss the sneakers and all of you try out some cowboy boots! You’ll be happy you did. With all the different styles, colors, and heel heights, you’re bound to find the perfect pair; the pair that brings out your wild side. What makes cowboy boots sexy is the person who’s wearing them.

-Betty Boots

Do you think cowboy boots are sexy? Leave your opinions, thoughts, or comment below! Got any questions? Ask them below, and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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You Don’t Like Cowboy Boots?!!!

You Really Don’t Like Cowboy Boots?

Like cowboy bootsOh, so you don’t like cowboy boots, eh?

Really? There are so many different styles! That is like saying you don’t like music. There are so many different genres to choose from that there is bound to be a style you like! The same goes for cowboy boots! There are all different shaft heights, sizes, colors, materials, cuts, and toe shapes, there is bound to be a style you like! They are also a product you can find that is still made in the USA! That’s right, Justin boots began right down in Texas and they’re still making them there today!

Even if you think you hate them, try a pair on, live a little, and you may be surprised! Come on, just give them a try.  I bet that even if you don’t like them, your friends will think you look great in them.

What is your Favorite style of boots? Let me know below! Got any questions? Ask them below!

-Betty Boots


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Where is it Acceptable to Wear Cowboy Boots

Where can you acceptably wear cowboy boots?

ANYWHERE! I’ve seen them worn anywhere from working and hiking to weddings and the red carpet, however, your outfit must be coordinated. For example, you can wear cowboy boots with jeans any time, that’s always a winning combination! Cowboy boots and sundresses are also great. But, cowboy boots and gowns or tuxedos, unless executed extremely well, can look tacky or like a “fashion don’t.”

The good thing about cowboy boots is that they never really go out of style. Yes, shaft heights and toe shapes come and go, but the boots themselves never do!!!  Unless you’ve got some really outrageous style, chances are you’ll be able to wear your cowboy boots until they fall apart. And if you have a good quality pair like these babies below, then you might fall apart before the boots do!

wear cowboy boots

Crush by Durango Women’s Cross Strap Weste…

Women’s western boot with cross design and rhinestones [More]

Price: $179.99

-Betty Boots

Where do you think it’s acceptable or not acceptable to wear cowboy boots? leave your response below! Got any questions? Ask them below!

Ariat Boots for Women

Ariat Boots for Women – Dixie Style

Hi there boot lovers, I found some old videos on my youtube channel that I never posted here on my blog. I remember these boots – Ariat boots for women; they were awesome! Check them out and you can let me know what you think in the comments section below!

I realize that by the time you view this video, these boots might be out of stock or discontinued altogether.  If that’s the case.  You can find current in stock styles on any of these pages: Men’s Cowboy Boots, Cowgirl Boots, or Kid’s Cowboy Boots. Unfortunately, most styles come and go, but cowboy boots are like blue jeans, they have both been in style since their creation. Sure, colors, shapes, and heel heights vary and are more common at one time or another, but cowboy boots in general have been around for over 100 years and will be around for 100 more for sure!

Ariat Womens Heritage Western Boots

Ariat Heritage Boots

Hey-hey Ariat fans, Check out my latest video of another trip to Hanover Boot in Hanover MA, where I try on a fabulous pair of Ariat Heritage Western boots for women in Root Beer.  They come in black as well, but I was shopping for brown on this visit.

There’s nothing I love more that a pair of great fitting cowboy boots!

Thanks for watching,

Betty Boots

P.S. For more great women’s western boot styles, check out my Cowgirl Boots page!

Womens Cowboy Boots by Tony Lama

Womens Cowboy Boots by Tony Lama

Howdy Guys & Gals,

So this week I was looking for a very special pair of women’s cowboy boots to go with my outfit.  I was wearing a grey snakeskin print top and leather look leggings.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to find a good match, but suddenly there they were!!!  A gorgeous pair of womens cowboy boots by Tony Lama in black with grey, black, and white stitching were just sitting there on the shelf waiting for me.  I just had to try them on.  LOOOOVE THEM!

I don’t know; is it my imagination or is there really a pair of cowboy boots for any outfit you could possibly imagine? I say there certainly is.  Women wear their cowgirl boots with shorts, maxi skirts, mini skirts, jeans, dress slacks, jeggings, casual dresses, fancy dresses, and even wedding gowns! While I don’t think I’d wear this pair of Tony Lama  cowboy boots with a wedding gown, I’d definitely wear them with my outfit today.

Check them out


It’s going to be hard to top these babies! If you want to look for a pair that you think tops these, search all the beautiful western style boots on our Cowgirl Boots page.  See you next time!


Betty Boots

Womens Cowboy Boots – Tony Lama Vaquero Western Boots

Hi Y’all,

I was showing my edge when I made this video!  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find a pair of women’s cowboy boots that would go with my snakeskin print top and my leather look leggings.  But, I just LOVE cowboy boots so I had to give it a shot.  And what do you know… I found the perfect pair.  It was a pair of  Tony Lama Women’s Vaquero 11″ Western Boots.

Thanks for reading (and watching)!

Ariat Cowboy Boots for Valentines Day

Hi it’s me Betty Boots,

Since Valentines Day is just around the corner (and since I love cowboy boots) I went out today in search of some red cowboy boots to get in the spirit, and boy did I find a beautiful pair! They are gorgeous red Ariat Women’s Heritage Western Boots made of full-grain leather, with a round toe, 12″ shaft, deep scallop to accommodate any calf size, and a 1 5/8″ western heel. Now I must say I absolutely adore cowboy boots but I am actually lacking in knowledge about them and am learning as I go! so far I have only encountered 2 different types of boots snip toed and round. For my first lesson I am going to see how many there actually are!! I will be posting all that I learn so follow my blog and learn along with me!

Thanks for reading,

love Betty Boots

Cowboy Boots for Men, Women, & Kids


Justin Bentrail Distressed Cowboy Boots

Yesterday I visited “Hanover Boot” in Hanover MA and checked out some really awesome Justin bentrail cowboy boots.  Check out my video below!

These boots were so beautiful and they fit like a glove.  If you would like to check out these boots or others like them, please visit my website at CowboyBootsHQ.com today!