Why are Cowboy Boots Sexy?

 I’ll Tell You What Makes Cowboy Boots Sexy

cowboy boots sexy

Cowboy boots are an American icon, right up there with BBQ, Baseball, and Marilyn Monroe. But why are they such a turn on for both men and women? Why are cowboy boots so sexy? It’s not only that they are beautifully crafted and made from materials like leather, snakeskin, ostrich, alligator and various others. The biggest reason people find cowboy boots sexy is they bring people in touch with their wild side!

Cowboy boots were obviously worn by cowboys. Cowboys were drifters, gypsies of sorts, they lived in wide open places, they slept under the stars, they traveled with the animals, they drank, they shot, they knew how to have a good time. They were not always rule followers, they were lone wolves! They had the confidence to run with animals almost twice their size. They were the freest of souls; nothing could tie them down (except for maybe a well made lasso).

When most people wear cowboy boots, they embody that spirit; that sense of fun, adventure and thrill seeking. They give the impression that the wearer knows how to have a good time. They just scream confidence. Nothing is sexier than confidence. Am I right ladies and gents? Besides, they just look great! Ladies, ditch your stilettos, and Gents, toss the sneakers and all of you try out some cowboy boots! You’ll be happy you did. With all the different styles, colors, and heel heights, you’re bound to find the perfect pair; the pair that brings out your wild side. What makes cowboy boots sexy is the person who’s wearing them.

-Betty Boots

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*Photo credit: Florian F. (Flowtography) via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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