Where is it Acceptable to Wear Cowboy Boots

Where can you acceptably wear cowboy boots?

ANYWHERE! I’ve seen them worn anywhere from working and hiking to weddings and the red carpet, however, your outfit must be coordinated. For example, you can wear cowboy boots with jeans any time, that’s always a winning combination! Cowboy boots and sundresses are also great. But, cowboy boots and gowns or tuxedos, unless executed extremely well, can look tacky or like a “fashion don’t.”

The good thing about cowboy boots is that they never really go out of style. Yes, shaft heights and toe shapes come and go, but the boots themselves never do!!!  Unless you’ve got some really outrageous style, chances are you’ll be able to wear your cowboy boots until they fall apart. And if you have a good quality pair like these babies below, then you might fall apart before the boots do!

wear cowboy boots

Crush by Durango Women’s Cross Strap Weste…

Women’s western boot with cross design and rhinestones [More]

Price: $179.99

-Betty Boots

Where do you think it’s acceptable or not acceptable to wear cowboy boots? leave your response below! Got any questions? Ask them below!

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