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Hi, my name is Betty Boots.  I love cowboy boots, cowgirl boots, western boots, whatever you want to call them.  So I created my website www.cowboybootshq.com and this blog to show some of my favorites and to discuss the different styles, types and brands.  I will be visiting “Hanover Boot” in Hanover Massachusetts many times to check out all the fabulous cowboy boots they have in stock.

My videos contain helpful information such as how cowboy boots should fit and the different materials they are made from.  If you love cowboy boots, check back at my site often because it is still growing.  I will be providing information on heel heights, shaft heights, materials, stitching, and toe shapes.  If the details don’t interest you and you just want to shop and get discounts and/or free shipping on fabulous western boot styles, then just visit my pages dedicated to Men’s Cowboy Boots, Cowgirl Boots, and Kids Cowboy Boots.

I’m currently searching for other stores to visit and check out their cowboy boots.  I wish I had enough room in my closet for every pair of western boots I’ve found that I have absolutely loved.  Actually, there are very few that I haven’t liked.  I would need a warehouse to fit every gorgeous pair of cowboy boots I’ve found over the years. Hey, I could name it “Betty’s Warehouse of Western Wear,” what d’ya think? Western style boots are my passion!

Let me know which ones are your favorites even if they aren’t in my videos or on my website. There are still thousands of cowboy boots out there that I haven’t seen yet but would love to.  I love vintage cowboy boots too, so feel free to tell me about the pair you bought years ago that still make you feel like a rock star when you wear them. I look forward to hearing from you.

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*Boots photo Image courtesy of Gualberto107 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

9 comments on “About Betty Boots

  1. tim

    love women in cowgirl boots especialy snakeskin boots

    1. Pandu

      Get the red and kick some ass! Yee-haw! I actually own a pair of black boots, got them in college and they made me look FIERCE.

  2. Adrian

    I have loved my cowgirl boots since I was a little girl. I like to wear mine even with shorts and skirts. Like people in Hollywood wear Ugg boots:)

  3. casper

    hi betty i gave my girlfriend of two months a new pair of justin bent rail cowgirl boots she was surprised she said she would let me know if they fit i hope they do because i like my women in cowgirl boots i got her the bent rail boots because i saw your video on justin bent rail boots so thank you betty

  4. jone

    Hi Betty

    Finally i see website and videos what i try to find everywhere.I like you style and how you present different boots.Videos please longer and close shots r wellcome.
    Thanks again

  5. Joseph

    Hi Betty, I found this blog and I consider interest, but, please, give us more videos!!! Update your page, go and visit more stores that sell these boots and give us more information. Thanks

  6. Joseph

    Hi Betty, I found it very interesting that you speak about those boots! Good for your, and keep us teaching more! Please, give us more videos. Thks

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