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If you love cowboy boots as much as I do, then you’ve come to the right place. This is where I (Betty Boots) will talk about many different styles, types, and brands of cowboy boots for men, women, and children to help you decide which ones are best for you!

I love boots!

But, of all the boots I love, cowboy boots and western boots are my absolute favorites!!!

According to when cowboy boots were first invented back in the 1800’s, they were originally designed for men and were solely a tool for cowboys who spent many hours in the saddle. The pointed toe made sliding a foot into the stirrup much easier.

The thick leather shaft was made higher than the military boots worn during the civil war to protect the cowboy’s legs from branches and thorns as he rode through heavy brush. Cowboys also needed a larger heel than that of the military boot so their feet would not slip through the stirrups.

cowboy boot in stirrupBack then, cowboy boots were strictly worn for working in the saddle. But, as time went on, the outside stitching formerly used to prevent the leather from buckling and irritating the cowboy’s leg, became more decorative and ornate. Cowboy boot manufacturers began using colorful thread instead of just brown or black and they began stitching all sorts of designs into the shaft.

Soon, instead of producing just the rugged cowboy boots that the men usually wore, boot makers began making more fashionable and attractive western boots for women. Western boots with higher heels and more feminine colors began to hit the shelves.

Although some women who worked in the saddle still wore cowboy boots for the same reasons cowboys did back in the 1800s, thousands of women began wearing cowboy boots solely for fashion.

Nowadays, western style boots for women come in hundreds of different styles and colors. Although they all have that unmistakable western boot appearance, they come in many different heel heights, toe shapes, shaft lengths, and embroidered designs. In addition, many styles are made from materials other than leather such as ostrich, eel, lizard, snake, alligator and crocodile. Some are even adorned with beads and crystals!

During Fashion Week in New York City, many models walk down the runway wearing some version of cowboy boots as do many of the celebrities that come to see the new fall lines. Even though trends change from season to season, western boots will never be completely out of style as they are as timeless as blue jeans. Heights, colors, and designs may change, but cowboy boots themselves will always have a home in the great American West and the fashion world as well!





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